Ash Gallagher

Coogee Climb

I'm Climbing Coogee For The Royal

Ok, imagine how excited I was when my work team decided to take on the Coogee Climb... Well... Plot twist: The Coogee Climb is, in fact, not a climb at all. It's a run. Up a very steep hill.

I'll be taking part in Australia’s steepest hill challenge in support of The Royal. Each year, The Royal provides healthcare for over 10,000 women and delivers around the clock care for over 1,000 premature and critically-ill babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The Royal Hospital for Women also represents the pinnacle in women’s health care practice, delivering over 4,000 babies each year, with a number of globally recognised midwifery programs and specialised services.

I SUPER appreciate your support!

A xx

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Kym D

Go Go Super Girl! Much 💙


Katharine Smith

Good luck Ash!